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Innovation. Creativity. Exploration.

These words describe CFOers across North America.

We embrace the challenge to find ways to connect when we can’t meet face-to-face. From months of learning, praying and exploring have come new opportunities for connecting, growing and equipping each other to live and love fully.

We have developed new tools and opportunities to meet such as virtual retreats and ad hoc gatherings which now are part of the fabric of CFO. These ways of getting together will not disappear when camps and retreats meet again. They will add depth to what we offer and expand the opportunity for people who are not aware of CFO to join in, to see how God might meet them through our continuous effort to serve each other in love.

To support these new creative groups, we are introducing CFO Communities.

CFO Communities offers a framework for bringing people together today. Whether it is through a book study, exploring spiritual training,  sharing personal stories and challenges with like minded people, or hosting a series of topical events, you can reach across North America and connect with others who are seeking to do the same.

If you are interested in starting a group please complete the CFO Communities Kinship Group Request. We will be in touch within 14 business days. 

If you’d like to learn more, please call us: 607-535-4415

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