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Understanding your gifts & purpose

COMPASS: Learning to Live on Purpose is a facilitator-led, 10-week group study offered by CFO North America in association with Nehemiah Project International Ministries. CFO believes that each person is created by God with an intentional design, purpose, and commission in the world. Through the combination of focused prayer, meditation, listening, and personal assessments, this course will help you discern your purpose and commission in the world. 

This course is especially helpful during times of transition. It is a tool to use as you lean into God for direction, healing, and clarity during seasons of change. It will help you regain your bearings, ascertain what is important for this season of life, and listen for the clear leading of the Holy Spirit in your life. Whether you are 15, 32, 57, or 84 years-old, COMPASS provides the space and opportunity to hear, heal, and grow that your light might shine just as it was designed to do.



  • Personalized 10-week course
  • Led by a Certified Facilitator
  • Infused with CFO elements throughout
For more information and to register:
  • COMPASS (WN2021) - Starts February 15, 2021
  • COMPASS (SP2021)
  • COMPASS (SU2021)
  • COMPASS (FA2021)
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