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Discover how to effectively walk with others on your Christian Journey
ENGAGE is a series of courses of varying lengths. Each provides a simple structure to emphasize spiritual and emotional growth based on Biblical principles and neuroscience, which shows how God designed our brains.
In ENGAGE we identify and practice skills using the concept of RARE Leadership - Remain Relational, Act Like Yourself, Return to Joy, and Endure Hardship Well - guiding us into healthier relationships.
Module 1&2:  PARTICIPATING & GROWING:  Based on the "child state" of maturity, this module focuses on your personal growth and development. You will learn RARE skills to immediately implement into your daily life. Registration Fee: $50.
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Module 3: HARMONIZING This module is designed for practicing RARE skills with peers in group interactions, modeling the Adult stage of maturity. To grow, we need to practice the skills we learned to turn them into habits. Once we have mastered these skills and turned them into habits, we can then lead others. Registration Fee: $75 (The prerequisite for this course is the successful completion of Module 1&2) 
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Module 4: MASTERING: Equated to the Parent stage of human development, this module equips you to lead. God has created and called us to mature in our faith and walk alongside others on this journey. This module strengthens our resolve, our passion for growing up in Christ. (The prerequisite for this course is  the successful completion of Module 1&2: Participating & Growing and Module 3: Harmonizing.)
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