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Discount Voucher Information

What is it?

Dublon Vouchers are available for first time attendees to be used for room and board expenses. There is a maximum of 2 vouchers per family and vouchers are for room and board only, they can not be used for registration or travel expenses.  For 2021, the maximum voucher amounts are:
  • Up to $300 for a full-time event (4 or more nights)
  • Up to $150 for a part-time event (2-3 nights)  

Who is it for?

Adults & Youth (13 and over) who have never attended a CFO event and will attend creative writing sessions at the event.

How can I get one?

Complete and submit this form at least 1 week prior to the start date of the event you wish to attend. Upon reviewing your application, we will contact you with our decision. We will also contact the registrar of the event and they will let you know of any remaining fees due. The registrar will contact this office and let us know when your registration has been received and a check will be sent to the registrar to cover your voucher.

Notes and Limitations

If the room and board cost is less than $300/$150, the voucher will be issued for the amount of room and board. Vouchers expire at the end of the event for which they are approved. Vouchers are only available for CFO North America events. 

Application Form

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