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Work - Since March of 2016, Paul Gosse has been the Executive Director of the Silver Lake Wesleyan Camp located 32 kilometers southwest of Perth Ontario. While a part of Paul’s role in his first year at the camp was to simply observe the rollout of the many camps and retreats that are held annually at the camp, his stamp was felt throughout the summer through efforts to instill an attitude that those that work here are here to “serve”. Paul successfully guided the camp through a year of spiritual and numeric growth. Family – Paul is happily married to Aimee, who has joined him at Silver Lake in the capacity of Guest Services Director. Prior to this latest assignment, Paul and Aimee ran a successful Catering Business and so she has brought with her some much appreciated skills. They have five children four of which are grown while the youngest, Danielle, lives at home with them. . Testimony of the Power of the Gospel – Paul met the Lord Jesus in September 1999. At that time he owned and operated a trucking company. The direction of his life was forever changed as his selfish desires were replaced with a new found love for God and His people. It was this love that led them in 2002 to sell their home and business and pursue His will for their life. Fourteen years later, prior to being called to Silver Lake, they lived in a beautiful home, had a lovely farm, owned and operated a successful catering business, and found great joy in the fellowship and ministry opportunities that had been afforded to them. God is good, and they experienced His goodness towards them.

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