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Michelle does not think of herself as an adventurer, yet, as she has grown older, she has exercised her courage to explore and reach further in both her experiences and her faith. She believes life is a gift which won’t be fully understood while we’re on earth and that we are responsible for unwrapping and using this gift and our capabilities to bring honor to God, who created us for a purpose.

Married for 35 years, she and her husband, Oliver, live on 36 acres outside of Watkins Glen, NY. Michelle holds a B.S. degree in Business, Management and Economics with a concentration in marketing management from Empire State College, State University of New York. She is the owner of Internos Initiatives, a marketing and strategic consulting firm. 

Her previous experiences with Body fellowships made it easy to recognize the expressions of the Body of Christ in CFO events. Her personal passion is for the message of Christ to be delivered in a relevant way and be recognized as Truth, and for the Body of Christ to be become stronger, and live freer from this world’s constraints. 

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