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My name is Erika Geary. I am from Scottsbluff, Nebraska and am currently attending Chadron State College in Nebraska. Bright colors, exuberance, cows, and music are just a few words that my friends use to describe me. I have been attending CFO for eight years now. My second year attending I filled my summer with fun things to do: NAY, Black Hills (my home CFO), and CFOI in Lima, Peru. CFO has been God's blessing to me, and without it I would be no where near the passionate Jesus follower I am today. My vision is for every person I come in contact with to notice the joy that Christ has given me and to complete the Great Commission in my life time. I have traveled all over the US and been to Peru, Australia, and Fiji. From the time I met my first missionary God has been growing my desire to "go." Until my time comes I have many opportunities around me here on campus and I cannot wait to see the nations reached. 1 Peter is redesigning my the way I live, and I encourage you to take a look at it and see if it doesn't do the same. All His!!

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