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Some people can think back to a time in their childhood when they accepted Jesus, prayed the Sinner's Prayer, and began on the path of being a Christian. Still others can recount an experience if receiving the Holy Ghost at some point. In Frank's life, this all came together at a camp gathering when he was two years old, and God has been working on him ever since. At two years old, Frank was a toddler who had been told to be quiet for a little while as everyone joined in prayer, and he was set down in the midst of the group for a few moments. When he still felt the need for attention and no one paid attention to him immediately, he wondered why. By the grace of God, he was given to realize that they were paying attention to God instead, he was able to give his attention to God, and he was able to raise his hands in worship. It didn't take long before he forgot entirely about seeking attention from his mother, until, of course, she picked him up again. That memory was from Holden Village in 1970, and since then, Frank has attended Camps Farthest Out in the State of Washington nearly every year it has been held. He has also attended Episcopal Church, Assemblies of God Church (Pentecostal), and a few various other churches before coming to rest, presently, at Trinity Lutheran Church (Missouri Synod). He is reasonably well-versed in scripture and theology, not yet having attended seminary. He is pleased to provide technical support for camp gatherings, as appropriate. He is also a Classically-trained pianist, has had some experience in high school playing French horn and baritone, sings rather well, and does a pretty good job on his Peavey four-string electric bass. (Praise God for three-band equalization!)

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