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Sean was raised in a Christian home, but in high school he became very unsettled and a sense of emptiness prodded him to begin a search for spiritual truths that would fulfill him. He longed to be impacted and completed in a deeper fashion than he had yet experienced. God used many people to plant spiritual seeds in Sean’s life and orchestrated circumstances which, combined with the emptiness of pagan philosophies and hedonistic behavior, caused Sean to kneel down in his room one night and receive a new kind of relationship with God along with the healing and wholeness that only Jesus can provide. Now, over 25 years later, God has done things and used Sean in the ways that only God can. In recent years, God has begun to clarify Sean’s giftings and call to pastoral ministry and overall care for the church. As a market place leader, the ministry that God has given Sean often emphasizes 1) honesty before The Living God, 2) the importance of relationship and gospel community, and 3) the empowering movement of the Holy Spirit among God’s people. Sean has been married for almost 14 years and he and his wife Brandy have three beautiful daughters. Their family serves and ministers in their local gospel community in Southern California.

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