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Rev. Judy Secor, RN, BS, M. Div. Fuller Theological Seminary, 1992, is a retired, born again, Holy Spirit filled keynote speaker, author, trainer, and group coach whose style is warm, lively, sensitive, optionally interactive, fun and inspiring. She reveals brilliant insights that are do-able, experience tested, trustworthy and empowering. Her teaching experience is extensive. She has founded several service organizations. Get her upcoming book, and/or workshop materials when they launch at a discount. Better yet, book her to speak free to your CFO now! Facebook: LinkedIn: Judy and her husband, Bill, were ordained and planted two Christian churches while still in seminary. Hand in hand together they walked the stage to get their diplomas. Judy graduated with honors. Her major was Christian Formation and Discipleship. As co-founding Sr. Pastor, plus widowed solo Sr. Pastor 13 more years, she pastored, mentored, ministered and preached a total of 25 years before retiring. She volunteers monthly.

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