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I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio as a daughter of John and Arlena Hasel, a Baptist minister and wife. I was born in 1952 with a twin sister, Jude, whose husband retired from serving at a NH community church. At age 11 I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior but was in college and then married before I had any real serious growth. I've been happily married to Ron Baumler for 45 years and we share our Christian beliefs. We are blessed that our adult children, Ben (Stephanie) and Rebecca and grandkids, Ricky and Rachel, are all active in their Christian faith. I, myself, have a need for more Spiritual discipline and growth in my personal life. . CFO is a wonderful part of my life and I've benefited from every experience I've had in CFO. I'm grateful to be a part of the North Florida council ring and the fellowship we share. We need prayer and the Holy Spirit more than ever in today's world!

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