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I have attended CFO since the early 60's at various times in addition to leading children for over 20 years at CFO Camps from CA to Rhode Island in the past. I have been on several Council Rings in the past. I was also North American Regional Vice President for CFOI and worked on the International Meetings from 2000 to the one in Peru.

Retired from teaching for about 10 years in which I taught many different areas of education - from preschool Montessori to College level Associate Degree work along with my master's work in Special Education. I am currently a 4-H leader here in my home town. I am also a board member for our GFWC women's club and our area arts council. I am a member of our Study Club, a Master Gardener and still take art lessons.

My family has me training to 'walk fast' at the 5K at Disney in November - I am Running for a Cause - Childhood Cancer Research. I have only completed one 5K so far but am registered for 2 more to help inspire young people to this healthy activity. We do this together as a family. I believe that children are the most important part of our camps since they are the future. I also think it is very difficult today - given the competition for time and money from so many other activities.

Thus, I try to make learning about the Bible and Jesus a multimedia time along with active and creative things to do. My mission has always been to provide a safe and interesting place for children to come to love Jesus and learn how He taught us to live through His Holy Word. CFO has taught me that Prayer is the key to my relationship with God

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