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My name is Feben, and I used to live in Louisiana before we moved to Georgia, due to hurricane Katrina (which was a miracle that we made it out ourselves). After a few years, I found my extended family at CFO. It was there that I was first water baptized, and filled with the Holy Spirit. Much of my life revolves around CFO, and I thank God for providing me with a holy environment to meet godly people, to be encouraged, and to encourage others at the same time. Each year at CFO, God shows up in a greater and glorious way. One of the many things I learned at CFO, which became my life lesson, is that God uses us for His greater purpose that isn’t comprehendable, but remembering His unrestrained love for us has taught me how to love others through Christ. God has created us for a reason to display His splendor, and He has given us a greater plan to enlarge His kingdom. CFO has been a safe haven for the work of God and the congregating of His children, because we all learn from each other and from all generations. It’s enlightening for me to see those who are serving by leading and those who are leading by serving, which moves me to do the same. Thank God for CFO.

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