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My wife Jen and I have been at Liberty since the second half of the 90’s. In undergrad, I majored in Biblical Studies and Youth Ministry while Jen majored in Secondary Education. We have been married for 17 years and have two children – Judah is 13 and Simon is 10. Judah is great with his hands and is always engaging is some curiosity. For example, after taking a charcoal making course at Penn State two summers ago, he mined clay out of our yard, made a kiln, and baked bread using his own charcoal that he made following the course. Simon, while also creative, lives life with passion and emotion that he expresses through music that he composes on the piano. Together, these boys are constantly working together to imagine ways to have fun together. Simon usually makes up a silly name for a toy or some other inanimate object and then with Judah they create and entire whole world around it. Jen balances Homeschooling, LU Online, and our church’s Prayer Team while I balance being a residential professor at Liberty along with LU Online, 3 Rental houses, and the Prayer Team. Together we seek to be an intentional family that seeks to invite our students and others into our lives that they might be set free to live within the abundant life that Christ has promised all who believe. You learn more about us and how we live at and Increasingly, God is teaching me not simply to teach truth, but how to lead people to be empowered and transformed by the God of truth. I believe that the Gospel of Jesus is more than just the Gospel of the King, but the Gospel of the Kingdom (Matthew 4:23; Mark 1:14). We are not simply looking to heaven for salvation, we are able to abide in God the Father through the Spirit because of what Jesus has done. We do not need to wait until heaven to enter into the abundant life of Christ. He has made us worthy and he desires for us to prosper even as our soul prospers (3 Jn. 1:2). This is the Gospel that was preached by Jesus and his disciples in the Gospels and the Apostles in Acts (8:12). There is an already/not yet about this kingdom. The kingdom is here in as much as the citizens of the kingdom are here and the kingdom of God is in us. It has been inaugurated with the coming of Jesus and the indwelling of the Spirit, but this kingdom is like a mustard seed that must grow and a little leaven that will work its way through the whole loaf (Mt. 13). And so, as I lead my students, my concern is not merely to teach them the scriptures or to simply get them to acknowledge Jesus as their King, but for them to come to understand that this kingdom is like a pearl of great price that is worth selling everything else in order to obtain it (Mt 13). Godspeed, Don Love

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