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Martha Dobra  has attended church most of her life, and came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ in her teens and was baptized in the Holy Spirit in the early 1970’s. Her strong commitment to the Lord and her love for Jesus are evident in her life and her ministry. Martha has been leading singing since her teen years and has been active in CFO since 1983. She is an energetic leader, using motion songs to get folks of every age involved, and then moving gradually into praise and worship, encouraging the presence and the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Her rhythms, or devotion in motion, range from active and exciting to quiet and worshipful. Martha has led in nearly every area of the CFO program since 1985, but leading singing and rhythms are her favorite things in all the world to do, and the joy of the Lord is evident in her ministry.


Leadership Info

Leadership Positions(s): 
Council Ring
Devotion in Motion
Morning Meditations
Prayer Host(ess)
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