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My first experience in CFO came in 2003 at Montana CFO.  It was and continues to be a  life changing experience. God never stops taking you farther out with Him. In the last seventeen years , I believe I have only missed attending Montana CFO a couple times. As a new camper I was always excited and eager to see what God had for me at camp. One time it felt as though God was not moving. I expressed my discontent to God and He replied "Camp is not always about you". Those words opened my eyes to God's plan. We are His messangers; His servants. My time at that camp was spent interceding for a young teen our church brought to camp. This young man wanted no one to hug touch him in any way. On the last day of camp, he was surrounded by hugs from the rest of the teens. He had a God moment that transformed His life.  I learned the priority is not what God does in me, but how He uses me as an open vessel pouring out His love to others. 

Realizing God's priority has brought significant stretching of my spirit, soul, and body. It has lead me to accept council ring positions, ACR representative, where I received more from God than expected to give, and various camp leadership roles. One significant position was being Bell Ringer not only honoring God but my late brother, Mark who took great pride honoring God as Bell Ringer for many years. Other positions that I have lead in are prayer hostess, morning meditation leader, prayer group leader, creatives helper and devotion in motions leader at a Zone 1 retreat. I will be leading devotion in motions at my first full camp this summer; another stretching moment in life!

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