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Ranae Heeres is gifted of the Lord as a worship leader, pianist, guitarist, and songwriter. She has been blessed to be involved in CFO for over 25 years, having ministered in nearly a dozen states in various leadership roles, including Prayer, Speaker, Junior High, Creative Music, serving on Council Ring, and leading Worship and Rhythms, which she loves to do with her daughter, Whitney, who also has a passion for Jesus. Ranae’s calling is to set an atmosphere of wholehearted worship in which people will encounter the very Presence of the Lord, the place where God’s people are made whole as they receive deeper revelations of the Father’s love, enabling them to impart His love to others. As Ranae flows in the Spirit with the anointing of a psalmist, worshipers find it easy to connect with God and then to go farther out in His Presence. Ranae has been married for over 35 years; she and her husband, Doug are blessed with 3 children and 10 grandchildren. Ordained as an equipping pastor, Ranae presently serves in her local church as director of Care Coordination, Stephen Ministry and Spiritual Restoration Coaching. Ranae is founder of Grace Outpoured Equipping Ministry, in which she and Whitney desire to encourage churches in the areas of worship, small groups, ministry placement, restoration seminars & women’s retreats.

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