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Growing up and into CFO, Brittany (Cooper) Macias has found a place to serve, be stretched, and to share whatever truths and blessings God has given to her. Brittany has a passion for youth, desiring that they would know the truth of Christ, feel His power in their lives, and find freedom in Him. She wants young people to be engaged in the reality of Christ, and she wants each of them to be the person God has called them to be, even as youth. She has a passion for the Body of Christ to truly love and serve others as He has called us to do; to discover each one’s unique gifts and callings, and to challenge one another and build each other up. As a recent Wheaton College graduate with a degree in Kinesiology (Sports and Exercise Science), Brittany firmly believes we should be seeking and worshiping God with our whole heart, mind, body, and spirit. As an athlete (collegiate basketball player at Wheaton), she has learned the value of physical and spiritual discipline, play, teamwork, and the mutual sharpening of one another as believers are called to do.

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Zone 2
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Devotion in Motion
Junior High Youth
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