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Charles grew up in a wonderful Christian home in Ithaca, NY, and has loved CFO as long as he can remember.  He received youth leadership training from Col. Bo Bottomly in 2001 and has been involved in youth leadership ever since.  His vision for youth is I Tim. 4:12, that they would be examples of how to follow Christ.  The goal of his youth leadership is to be a good vessel for Christ’s love.  Jesus then melts hardened hearts, heals brokenness and sickness, and brings salvation and reconciliation.  He has also enjoyed leadership roles in speaking, singing, rhythms and creatives.  

Charles has been a worship leader since 1997 and was involved in evangelism and Biblical justice work with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship during his college years.  He received a B.A. from Cornell University in May 2006 in Urban Education and Development and worked for 3 years as a teacher in a Charter School in the Bronx, NY.  

Charles came back to Cornell in 2009 to become a campus pastor with InterVarsity and is zealously pursuing his calling as a leader, evangelist and teacher.  In 2010 he married Kimberly and they have two sons, Walter born in 2013 and Leonard born in 2016.  Charles is pursuing a Master of Divinity Degree from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and is scheduled to finish in 2021.


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