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Charlie Grassl has been active in CFO since 1971.  As an electrical engineer for Westinghouse, Texas Instruments, and Raytheon, he traveled extensively in the conduct of worldwide business for these corporations, then retired in 2000.  His life in business and his walk with the Lord provide an interesting perspective of God’s love as it spoke to him personally in the world of business and science.  He has held various leadership positions in CFO, including camp chairperson, ACR chair, president of CFO International, and the ACFO Executive Director in charge of strategic planning.  Serving CFO in North America as well as internationally has enabled Charlie to see the beauty of the Bond of Love, and to experience oneness with God enjoyed by CFOers throughout the world.  He believes with Jesus clearly seen as our source and center, CFO will continue to grow in its outreach to the world.

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