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Gary is a retired professor from Cornell University where he worked with forage crops and sustainable agriculture.  He was raised on a Nebraska cattle ranch and attended his first CFO in California in 1967 when he was a graduate student.  He has served on CFO council rings, the Advisory Council Ring for North American camps, and with the United Prayer Tower.  He is married to Mae Ellen, and their three sons all serve the Lord as Christian workers on college campuses.  He is ordained as an elder by his local church congregation.  Gary is devoted to CFO and he likes to speak about the wonderful ways the Lord has worked in his life the lives of his family.  Gary has experienced the miraculous in gifts of knowledge and in healings.  He has also encountered God in nature, leading a Nature Creative at his local CFO for many years.  Another topic he regularly shares is God’s love and plan for His Creation and the things we are called to do every day as earth-keepers.  His book, Food, Farming, and Faith gives the details.

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