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Kristi Jamison Thompson orphaned at age 13, was taken in by her Aunt and Uncle, Don and Ruth Johnson. They introduced her to CFO the following summer. She fell in love. CFO was instrumental in leading her to a knowledge of the Father’s love and having joy in the most difficult of circumstances. The ability to laugh joyously has carried her through many a jam. Kristi is provided the opportunity to practice joy frequently as a critical care nurse and youth leader. Currently she works in Montana as a Flight nurse and leads her church youth group along with her husband, Bill Thompson. In leading, Kristi’s desire is to bring the message that God is the same in church as in secular environments. We, as Christians, are given the opportunity to joyously be His secret agents in whatever environment we are in. Her motto “Don’t go to church; BE the church.”

Leadership Info

Zone 1
Rostered Position(s): 
Devotion in Motion
All Position(s): 
Devotion in Motion
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