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After inheriting Glenn Clark books at a dark time in his life, Len went looking for CFO, which he quickly found and embraced.  A coach by profession, Len’s Bible is his Playbook, and he’ll tell you that you have to know the Playbook if you want to get off the bench. Coaching many sports in public and private schools, with championships to his credit, he transformed losing teams into champions.  Len maintains that the family is the greatest team ever created.  Len and his wife Peggy have 5 grown children and live in southern California. Len is committed to jesus Christ, the power of prayer and the concept of Living in the Kingdom. He has been active in CFO since 1979.  He loves to teach and train the principles of CFO and the “Jesus Way” wherever he goes.  Len is also a mentor trainer for CFO speakers and youth leaders, for both North America and CFO International.  He has served on SoCal CFO council ring, as a Zone 5 delegate on the ACR, and on the CFO International Board.  

Len's website: WWW.COACH4CHRIST.COM 

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Zone 5
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Devotion in Motion
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