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“It’s not the things we’ve done for God that define us, but rather what He’s done for us.”  Lisa Tintori has been an adventurer all her Christian life after giving her heart to Jesus Christ as a teenager.  From living in Mexico City and doing freelance photography, to traveling to youth groups all over the world, to becoming “Auntie” to the orphans in a home in Kenya, Lisa has discovered that our identity is in our relationship with our maker, not in our list of accomplishments, even for Him.  When Lisa comes to CFO, whether as a speaking leader, worship leader, devotion in motion leader, or youth leader, her heart is to follow the leadership of Jesus Christ as He directs His people in the adventure of that week or weekend of training in being an Athlete of the Spirit.  Twenty-five plus years of learning to listen at CFO makes her desire to keep finding the Lord in all parts of the program, and walk others through that discovery as well.  The Lord desires to speak, to exhort, to instruct, to equip, to heal, to refresh, to encounter…all of that by coming apart with Him and His people.  The bottom line for Lisa is to open the door for others to find the Lord of their hearts in every experience at CFO.  An adventure of the highest kind.  

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Zone 4
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Devotion in Motion
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