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Mical grew up in Northern Illinois and Western Nebraska. Her close relationships with her siblings and wonderfully large extended family spurred her on to reach out in the community early on and to share the love of Jesus. She is passionate about the fact that knowing Jesus transforms lives. She received a Bachelor of Music in Music Composition at Wheaton College and pursued graduate degrees in Ethnomusicology and Natural Health. She is full of joy to be the wife of Chris Cooper and mother of Aili Cooper. She has spent much time in Peru and considers her friends there family. Mical has been mentored and called to be all she is in Christ by many remarkable leaders. It is from this encouragement and support that she desires to actively participate in the lives of young women around her and to encourage and mentor. She is a part of Life Embraced ministries, and strives to live with a child-like love for her Abba and His kids. Mical is passionate about worshipping Jesus in an authentic and grace-filled manner. She is passionate about helping others to experientially know and see that Jesus wants relationship with them and to help them find their voice to worship Him in their unique way.

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