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I LOVE CFO. It has been a spiritual lifeline for me as I grew up and raised my family. My mother invited me to attend my first camp in 1991 with my first two children and we attended camps together for over twenty years. I was amazed to hear about the purpose and intentionality behind the program. I was delighted to experience the presence of God throughout the day in various parts of the program. I was excited to find a format that combines the academic and intellectual side of human experience with the experiential side. Just now, the image of right brain and left brain came to me. An integrated approach to spiritual formation. Being part of a Kingdom of God movement has given me a heart for the world and for my neighbor. The chance to take a spiritual journey in a short amount of time allows me to get closer to GOD and then bring it home. I can't wait to see what God has in store for the future!


Rostered Leader_ Rhythms

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Zone 8
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Devotion in Motion
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A/V and Recording
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Devotion in Motion
Evening Children's Program
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