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Pamela Morse has been mightily shaped by CFO and desires to give back to the movement through speaking at camps across the continent.  A CFOer since high school, Pam even spent her honeymoon at her home camp (formerly Warwick, now Singing Hills).  Her temperament is a curious blend of contemplative (she loves silence) and exuberant (she love rhythms). Since 1990 Pam and her husband, Earle, both ordained ministers, have been serving the Lord through a ski resort ministry located at Sugarloaf in Maine.  They love the outdoors and enjoyed raising their two sons, Ben and Sam, in their small mountain community.  Pam is currently pursuing her Doctorate of Ministry degree, a lifelong dream and a great cure for the empty nest syndrome. Pam firmly believes that the kingdom of God is breaking out all around us; the challenge is to see it and join in the celebration, for she believes that truly the Kingdom of God is a party.

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