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Adams, Marc

I first attended CFO as a youth in 1976. Since then, I have attended several camps in California, and I have served on the rings for both Mt. Shasta CFO and for Central Pines CFO many times, also leading in...see full profile

Alexander, Faith

I've been a part of CFO since a child. I love working with chlidren both in my job as an education assistant and as a volunteer with children/youth ministry at my church. I have nine nieces and nephews who are...see full profile

Allen, Caprice

I am Caprice Allen. A married mother of two and a faithful follower of The Lord. Currently, I reside in Hopewell, Virginia. I love to laugh and do just about anything to make others happy.see full profile

Allen, Lawrence

I am Lawrence Allen and recently I left the military in order to pursue other dreams and spend more time with my beautiful family. I love living life and experiencing all of the magnificent gifts that God continues to give...see full profile

Almanza, Sophia

While she currently lives in Tuscaloosa, AL as a student at the University of Alabama, Sophia's hometown is Madison, AL. She is studying Social Work and Spanish with a hope to work in the field of family and child welfare...see full profile

Avrit, Elizabeth

Hey! I'm Elizabeth, a lifelong CFOer! Literally. I have been a part of the Tennessee CFO since I was in the womb. As a child, I saw it as a summer camp full of fun, but it has shifted to...see full profile

Axton, Kathy

My walk with the Lord began in the late 70's and it's been wonderful to be loved by HIM, guided, and sustained all these years. I have been very blessed, and it' my hearts desire to serve HIM however I...see full profile

Bagwell, Bruce

Hello! I am pretty new to CFO, attending my first camp in 2019. I love the experience, the people and the history. I grew up to missionary parents in Pakistan, moving to the States when I was 11. The transition...see full profile

Bair, Phil

Phil Bair studied philosophy, technology, earth sciences, and music theory at the University of Iowa, the University of Colorado, the National Institute of Technology, and Simpson College in Indianola Iowa. He has been dedicated to independent study and research for...see full profile

Baker, Becky

Becky travels the country as a motivational speaker and comedian. Her seminars on “Laughter, God’s Best Medicine” teach people how to look for, and find humor all around us. Becky brings powerful, life-changing ideas on how to shine like a...see full profile

Baumgardner, Jason

Jason Baumgardner founded Ignite Your World, Inc. in 2007 and currently is serving as the president and CEO. as well as being senior pastor at Truth Church since 2009. Pastor Baumgardner's primary focus has been generational ministries and empowering leadership...see full profile

Baumler, Joy

I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio as a daughter of John and Arlena Hasel, a Baptist minister and wife. I was born in 1952 with a twin sister, Jude, whose husband retired from serving at a NH community church. At...see full profile

Beckom, Terry

Although born into a church going family, Terry Beckom didn’t commit his life to Christ until he was 27. From this experience He began to search for spiritual reality which culminated in being filled with the Holy Spirit and responding...see full profile

Benitez III, James

I hail from Aurora, Colorado. I am nineteen years old and have three siblings; Alexus, Logan, and Ace. My parents divorced and all of us now live with my mother. I am a current student at the University of Nebraska...see full profile

Bergman, Barbara

Barb has attended CFO camps since she was a teen, and loves to share stories of God’s amazing provision throughout her life as a wife and mother, school teacher and principal, prayer warrior, and seeking servant of Jesus Christ. CFO...see full profile

Bigner, Jo Ann

I believe that CFO is a vital force in today's world. Because CFO was Fred's beloved organization, I have remained in support roles, but if I have the talent, I will try!see full profile


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