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Axton, Kathy

Kathy Axton is very grateful for a Christian upbringing, and a faithful God who showed her that she was “lukewarm.” When she discovered His warning to be either hot or cold (Rev. 3: 15-16), she chose the warmth and heat...see full profile

Beckom, Terry

Although born into a church going family, Terry Beckom didn’t commit his life to Christ until he was 27. From this experience He began to search for spiritual reality which culminated in being filled with the Holy Spirit and responding...see full profile

Bolin, Douglas

Doug Bolin has been active in CFO since 1976. He has been involved in leadership in ACR, COL and his local SD Black Hills CFO camp. God uses Doug to relate his experience, strength and hope in daily life. His...see full profile

Cooper, Brittany

Growing up and into CFO, Brittany Cooper has found a place to serve, be stretched, and to share whatever truths and blessings God has given to her. Brittany has a passion for youth, desiring that they would know the truth...see full profile

Cooper, Chris

Chris Cooper first came to faith in Jesus Christ in rural western Nebraska as the son of two teachers. As he grew older, he began to serve in CFO as well as various other camping, church, and para-church ministries, serving...see full profile

Cooper, Mical

Mical grew up in Northern Illinois and Western Nebraska. Her close relationships with her siblings and wonderfully large extended family spurred her on to reach out in the community early on and to share the love of Jesus. She is...see full profile

Crose, Sarah (Franklin)

Sarah Crose has a deep love for God and His people and is passionate about what God does through CFO. She has attended CFO since she was a baby and her life has been radically impacted through her involvement in...see full profile

Davis, Kenny

Kenny Davis grew up experiencing and singing about the love of Jesus. Following a call into ministry, Kenny received a B.A. in sociology from East Carolina University and a Masters of Divinity from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He then launched...see full profile

Dobra, Martha (Young)

Martha Dobra has attended church most of her life, and came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ in her teens and was baptized in the Holy Spirit in the early 1970’s. Her strong commitment to the Lord and her...see full profile

Dunlap, Cathy

Cathy Dunlap grew up in a Christian home where she came to know Jesus as her personal Savior at age 9. CFO became a part of her life as a small child and has played an important role in the...see full profile

Fick, Charles

Charles grew up in a wonderful Christian home in Ithaca, NY, and has loved CFO as long as he can remember. He received youth leadership training from Col. Bo Bottomly in 2001 and has been involved in youth leadership ever...see full profile

Fick, Gary

Gary is a retired professor from Cornell University where he worked with forage crops and sustainable agriculture. He was raised on a Nebraska cattle ranch and attended his first CFO in California in 1967 when he was a graduate student...see full profile

French, Dick

Dick French has served in pastoral ministry for over 40 years. He has traveled extensively to many parts of the country leading retreats and seminars for marriage and family renewal. He and his wife, Judy, currently operate M.O.R.E. Family Ministry...see full profile

French, Judy

Judy French brings the ministry of healing to the heart of the home through the powerful and wonderful Word of God. She believes that Jesus is the answer for every need and knows He's still fulfilling the challenges of Luke...see full profile

Grassl, Charlie

Charlie Grassl has been active in CFO since 1971. As an electrical engineer for Westinghouse, Texas Instruments, and Raytheon, he traveled extensively in the conduct of worldwide business for these corporations, then retired in 2000. His life in business and...see full profile

Hamilton, Lois

Lois Hamilton is highly esteemed as a leader of Music. She has led these in numerous camps in the United States and Canada. Lois has a unique ability to knit all ages of the camp together through her leadership. She...see full profile

Heesch, Linda

Communicating God’s truths to enrich and to change lives is Linda Heesch’s goal. She draws on her personal experience with cancer, a chronic illness, child rearing, her career as an educator, and her service as a missionary, to illustrate the...see full profile

Hill, Charles (Bud)

Charles (Bud) Hill found God or rather was found by Him (Galatians 4:9) in Iran in 1973. The journey that took him to Iran continues to this day as his transformation from sinner to saint has gone beyond a search...see full profile

Hillock, Bob

Bob Hillock continues as the Area Director and Counselor for Burden Bearers Counseling Centres in Sundre and Rocky Mountain House for the past 24 years. During that time he has had the privilege of counseling hundreds of couples, encouraging them...see full profile

Hobbs, John

John Hobbs is President and Evangelist for Maranatha Ministries Unlimited, in Sneadsferry, NC, where he and his wife, Betty Jo, make their home. He graduated with an AB Degree in Psychology from the University of North Carolina and a Masters...see full profile

Holland, Bryan

Bryan has been in CFO since the age of 5. He and his wife Nancy have been leading worship and rhythms at various CFOs since 1992. Recently Bryan added speaking to his CFO repertoire. In addition, Bryan has served on...see full profile

Holland, Nancy

Nancy Holland was raised in a Christian home, and has always “been glad when they said unto me, ‘Let us go into the house of the Lord.’” She began joyfully accompanying choirs and worship services in her local church at...see full profile

Johnson, Ruth

Ruth Johnson is a mother and the wife of Pastor Don Johnson. She works beside her husband in ministry, counseling, speaking and teaching. God has blessed and met them on every occasion. Ruth shares the workings of the Holy Spirit...see full profile

Leach, Matt

Matt Leach has been active in CFO since a teenager. CFO has had a profound impact on his life. It was there he first experienced God’s love and power to heal, to restore, and to empower, to “unmess our messes...see full profile

Marinello, Len

After inheriting Glenn Clark books at a dark time in his life, Len went looking for CFO, which he quickly found and embraced. A coach by profession, Len’s Bible is his Playbook, and he’ll tell you that you have to...see full profile

Marler, Carissa (Cooper)

Influenced by her family of seven from western Nebraska, Carissa grew up knowing God sacrificed His Son to save her, and that He is with her, hears her, and holds her. Now as a young adult, Carissa is discovering her...see full profile

McCullough, Alex

Alex McCullough, is a retired bishop in the Evangelical Apostolic Church of North America and former pastor of Congregation of the Messiah, Eastchester, NY. He taught public school band for 26 years and has performed professionally with many popular dance...see full profile

Meyer, Ron

RON MEYER is a chaplain on the pastoral staff at Liberty Church in Birmingham. He also recently co-hosted “American Heritage Live,” a weekly radio talk show giving the Christian perspective in a secular radio setting. As a speaking leader for...see full profile

Miller, Carolyn

Carolyn Miller has been leading Devotion in Motion since 1982. She strongly believes Glenn Clark’s vision from God of the total CFO format must be kept alive. Her rhythms, directed with simplicity, reveal a freshness from the Holy Spirit; and...see full profile

Morse, Pamela

Pamela Morse has been mightily shaped by CFO and desires to give back to the movement through speaking at camps across the continent. A CFOer since high school, Pam even spent her honeymoon at her home camp (formerly Warwick, now...see full profile

Morse, Sam

Sam Morse is a young mountain man from Maine. He lives at the base of Sugarloaf, a world class ski resort, with his parents Pam and Earle Morse. Sam started skiing at the age of one and has become a...see full profile

Newton, Joyce

Joyce Newton has been in CFO since 1983. Her passion is leading others in worshipping the Lord and seeing the freedom it brings to their lives. She has a sensitive playing style that evokes joy and inspiration. It flows from...see full profile

Patterson, Mary Jo

Mary Jo Patterson found Jesus at the tender age of 7 at a vacation bible school in her home town of Harristown, Ontario. At age 26 she had another encounter with God through the gift of the Holy Spirit. Mary...see full profile

Piatt, Jenni

Growing up in a Christian home and in CFO, Jenni was fully aware of God’s love, forgiveness, faithfulness, and caring. Through some bad choices in her teen and early adult life, God showed her how just, righteous, and jealous he...see full profile

Pierson, Anne

Anne Pierson touches the heart of her audiences while inspiring them to follow God’s call on their lives with passion and faithful commitment. Anne’s unique speaking style, filled with wisdom and stories culled from over thirty years of caring for...see full profile

Robertson, Leah

Leah Robertson and her family have been involved in CFO as long as they can remember! Along with her husband, Brian, they have served in numerous capacities and are always thrilled to share their pilgrimage of faith, both as speakers...see full profile

Schrolucke, Rex

REX SCHROLUCKE has been involved with CFO since 1973, serving on the Ohio Council Ring, and as representative on the Advisory Council Ring both for Zone 3 and for COL. From a dramatic conversion to Jesus Christ at the age...see full profile

Schrolucke, Suzy

Suzy Schrolucke, a CFOer for over 40 years, still enjoys each opportunity to be a camper, knowing that God will meet her there in some aspect of the program. In rhythms, she creatively uses song and scripture for encounters with...see full profile

Smalt, Ruth

Ruth Smalt (Rev. Dr.) has been involved in CFO since her teenage years, and happily raised her three daughters, Robin, Lindy, and Molly, in CFO, where they are in leadership themselves. A rostered leader in Speaking, Rhythms and Youth, Ruth...see full profile

Sommer, Linda

Linda Sommer is an author and speaker. She has been active in CFO since 1980, and has served on many CFO counsel rings in Georgia. Linda has also served as a CFO speaking leader throughout the South. Her trilogy of...see full profile

Steele, Jenny (Franklin)

Jenny Franklin Steele has a passion for Jesus and wants to share His good news with a world in need. She grew up in a Christian home and CFO has played a crucial role in her life helping her to...see full profile

Sykes, Robin (Smalt)

Originally hailing from just outside NYC, Robin’s passion is discovering the diversity and unity of the Body of Christ around the world. In trips to six continents and over 30 countries, she has sought out people and situations that both...see full profile

Thompson, Kristi Jamison

Kristi Jamison Thompson orphaned at age 13, was taken in by her Aunt and Uncle, Don and Ruth Johnson. They introduced her to CFO the following summer. She fell in love. CFO was instrumental in leading her to a knowledge...see full profile

Tintori, Lisa (LaLonde) ​

“It’s not the things we’ve done for God that define us, but rather what He’s done for us.” Lisa Tintori has been an adventurer all her Christian life after giving her heart to Jesus Christ as a teenager. From living...see full profile

West, Ruth

Ruth West and her husband, Wayne, share their walk with Jesus through "teaching God's word and singing His praises," the motto of their ministry, Praise Unlimited. Ruth particularly enjoys her role as mother to two grown daughters, their husbands, and...see full profile

West, Wayne

Wayne West and his wife, Ruth, share how Jesus revealed Himself to them in a very special way while they were in the midst of personal trials and tribulations that seemed insurmountable. This began a whole new life for them...see full profile

Witt, Sharon

Sharon Witt was born and raised in western Nebraska. Her music was brought to life after attending her first CFO in 1981. Since that time God has given her the desire to praise Him with music. She has been the...see full profile

Woodson, Bill

Bill Woodson is the Bishop of the Fairfield Diocese of CT in the Evangelical Apostolic Church of North America, as well as pastor of the Church of the New Covenant, which he founded over 30 years ago. Bill is a...see full profile

Woodson, Laura

Laura Woodson is a long time CFOer, joyfully serving as worship leader, speaker, children’s ministry and in other leadership positions in her home camp, Adirondack CFO, other CFO camps in the northeast and also on the ACR. She is a...see full profile
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