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Brown, Kathy

Excepted Christ as my savior when I was 22 years in 1972. My life has been changed forever. The Bible became fresh and new and God gave me a strong desire to donate money for him. My first husband died...see full profile

Buell, Sean

Sean was raised in a Christian home, but in high school he became very unsettled and a sense of emptiness prodded him to begin a search for spiritual truths that would fulfill him. He longed to be impacted and completed...see full profile

Buie, Sarah

I work as a behavior Interventionist at a public School. I long to be the light of Christ wherever I go, showing compassion, wisdom, and Grace. I grew up in California but have lived in Texas and abroad. I studied...see full profile

Cazes, Allen

Al and his wife Deanna live in Langley British Columbia. They raised three children who are all married and raising children of their own. Al has been active in CFO for three decades at different levels and his home camp...see full profile

Cazes, Deanna

Deanna and her husband Allen reside in Langley, BC and are enjoying the opportunities for travel that retirement offers. In April 2017, with the birth of a granddaughter, their original family of two daughters, one son and their respective spouses...see full profile

Christensen, Torryn

Hi My name is Torryn Christensen and I have been coming to cfo since 2002. I have been very excited in leading rhythms and some morning meditations. I have grown up in cfo and I am glad to have taken...see full profile

Consolazione, Laura

I first attended CFO as a child and due to Frank Laubach's teachings read the New Testament in its entirety! CFI profoundly changed my life. I next found CFO in California where I got a Masters of Theology. Most recently...see full profile


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