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Peyton, Joy

I have been involved with CFO since 1997, when I, David (my husband), and our two daughters (Alexa and Nicole) participated for the first time in ShrineMont CFO, in Orkney Springs, Virginia. Since then, we have all participated in the...see full profile

Piatt, Dave

Dave is married to Jenni Piatt, rostered leader and Financial Director of ACFO. Dave has led speaking and singing in several CFO events. He also works side-by-side with Jenni as a team, offering music and talks. Dave also currently serves...see full profile

Piatt, Jenni

Growing up in a Christian home and in CFO, Jenni was fully aware of God’s love, forgiveness, faithfulness, and caring. Through some bad choices in her teen and early adult life, God showed her how just, righteous, and jealous he...see full profile

Pierce, Brandon

Brandon Pierce has been involved in CFO off and on throughout his entire life. CFO has radically changed Brandon’s life by stretching him, growing him, and showing him his identity in Christ. Brandon has served as a youth leader and...see full profile

Pierce, Christopher

Chris is currently the Senior Pastor @ Christ Community Church in Ridgeville Corners, OH. Prior to CCC. With 17 years of ministry background, he has served many positions within the church such as: children's pastor, worship pastor, executive pastor, with...see full profile

Pierson, Anne

Anne Pierson touches the heart of her audiences while inspiring them to follow God’s call on their lives with passion and faithful commitment. Anne’s unique speaking style, filled with wisdom and stories culled from over thirty years of caring for...see full profile

Purvis, Mary Martha

Her entrance into the CFO Family in 2011 will delight your heart and bring laughter to your soul. She has 2 children, 4 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild. Prior to retirement MM considered the high school she worked at to...see full profile

Rawlinson, Jim

Dr Jim Rawlinson, MD is a family practice physician who emphasizes physical, emotional and spiritual wellness for his patients and medical staff. Jim is focused on training up intercessors to minister life transformational prayer and healing. He will be sharing...see full profile

Ready, Susan

Hailing from Boston, I moved to San Diego 30 years ago. I had been to Warwick CFO several times before I moved west, but I never attended CFO here in California until 5 years ago when 2 of my nieces...see full profile

Reaser, Phil

As a small boy, Phil Reaser experienced CFO and gained a deep desire to follow Jesus. Before finally surrendering his life to Christ in 1979, Phil was a radio disc jockey for many years in San Antonio, Cleveland, Phoenix, Philadelphia...see full profile

Reese, John D

John D. Reese organized the New Covenant Christian Fellowship, a Charismatic church in Dothan, Alabama, in 1972, and he continued to serve as the Pastor of that congregation until he retired in January of 2014. Today he is the Pastor...see full profile

Riley, Nic

Nic Riley first attended CFO in the Black Hills of South Dakota when he was 18. Over the next few years, Nic attended and led music at many camps in MN, VA, and SD. Nic lives near Minneapolis with his...see full profile

Roberts, Janelle

Hello! My name is Janelle Roberts and I have known Jesus for most of my life. I grew up in a christian home with my Dad being the Pastor at the church we go to. In the last few years,...see full profile

Robertson, Brian

Brian began his walk with Jesus at BC CFO camp in 1972, met his sweetheart (Leah) at a CFO camp, was baptized in water and the Spirit at a CFO camp, has been involved in CFO camps in Canada and...see full profile


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