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VanderWal, Sue

Sue has been married to her high school sweetheart for 42 years. They have two children and three grandchildren. She works along side her husband in their automotive repair business. She enjoys the outdoors especially water sports. She belongs to...see full profile

Vicki Waterman

Vicki has been involved with B.C. Van Isle CFO since it began, 35 years ago. She has served on C.R. many times in every position (except Treasurer). Vicki has been married to Peter for 48 years and they have 3...see full profile

Vigil, Kathrine

Kathrine Vigil was born and raised in colorful Colorado. It wasn't until early adulthood that she came to know the power, love and majesty of God. It was when she had graduated college, her friend asked her to attend Camp...see full profile

Walker, Grace

Grace Hournbuckle Walker, is a retired nurse practitioner and a current author. Her recently published book, Now I Can Think Myself to Mars, a Son’s Final Goodbye, A Mother’s Journal of Renewal, received a Five Star Review from Pacific Book...see full profile

Wall, Christina

Steve and Christina love encouraging people to live in their full identity in Christ, living the best version of themselves. Throughout their 40 years of marriage, Steve and Christina have met life's trials with a spirit of overcoming and determination...see full profile

Wall, Stephen

Steve and Christina love encouraging people to live in their full identity in Christ, living the best version of themselves. Throughout their 40 years of marriage, Steve and Christina have met life's trials with a spirit of overcoming and determination...see full profile

Waterman, Peter

Peter has been attending BC Van Isle CFO for 35 years. He is married to Vicki and they have three children and four grand daughters. His favorite Scripture is where Jesus says to all people: "A thief comes to steal...see full profile

Wayne, Gary

I've been a follower of Jesus all my life. I was born in a pastor's home and learned as a child how incredible God is. I have been doing ministry since I was in me teens, serving wherever the need...see full profile

Weber, Stephen

Stephen Weber, born 12-16-69 in Detroit Michigan, raised in Marshall Michigan, attended DePauw university 1958 to 1962, attended Detroit College of Law, 1962 to 1965, practiced law until retirement in 2001. Married Elizabeth (Prunty) Weber in 1961, raised three children...see full profile

Wells, Mary

Mary Wells is an Administrative Assistant at The Arc of Shelby County in Pelham, Alabama. She has one daughter, Kimberly who lives in Birmingham and is currently teaching at Jeff State. Mary is passionate about the Word of God, family...see full profile

West, Ruth

Ruth West and her husband, Wayne, share their walk with Jesus through "teaching God's word and singing His praises," the motto of their ministry, Praise Unlimited. Ruth particularly enjoys her role as mother to two grown daughters, their husbands, and...see full profile

West, Wayne

Wayne West and his wife, Ruth, share how Jesus revealed Himself to them in a very special way while they were in the midst of personal trials and tribulations that seemed insurmountable. This began a whole new life for them...see full profile

White, John D.

I have attended CFO's since I was a child. As an adult, I have been actively and regularly involved with Shrine Mont CFO in Virginia for thirty years. I have been on the Council Ring and served as the Chair,...see full profile

White, Nathan

Nathan was born August 17, 1994 in Richmond Virginia to his parents, John and Beverly White. He graduated in 2013 from L. C. Bird High School and attended John Tyler the following fall. Currently, he is working full time at...see full profile

Whitestone, Dawn

Dawn’s passion for joyful living is rooted in a strong family, vibrant faith, and familiarity with suffering. Her personal experiences with divorce, deaths of loved ones, and family illness give her a compassion and grace that undergirds her love for...see full profile

Whitman, Tasha

Tasha is a stay at home mom of two beautiful girls, as well as working as a freelance Web Designer & Developer. She has been a council ring member and volunteer for CFO since 2010. She was a parent-teacher for...see full profile

Williams, Randy

Randy is married to Diana (48+ years) and they have 3 daughters (Nancy, Melissa and Carmen) and 7 grandchildren. Their pastoral ministry has covered 47 years. Randy has preached the gospel for over 50 years in several countries around the...see full profile

Wissinger, Dennis

Member of Capon Springs CFO Council Ring. Participated in Capon Springs CFO for past 14 years. Served twice as Council Ring Chairperson. Will lead "Writing" Creative this fall.see full profile

Wissinger, Ruth

I'm the daughter of a Christian woman who lived her life by the example Jesus, shepherding young and old. Her example lives in my heart every day. I'm a lay person who participates in the music ministry of my church;...see full profile

Witt, Sharon

Sharon Witt was born and raised in western Nebraska. Her music was brought to life after attending her first CFO in 1981. Since that time God has given her the desire to praise Him with music. She has been the...see full profile

Woodson, Bill

Bill Woodson is the Bishop of the Fairfield Diocese of the Syro Chaldean Church of North America, as well as Pastor of the Church of the New Covenant , which was founded over 30 years ago. Bill is a Speaker...see full profile

Woodson, Laura

Laura Woodson is a long time CFOer, joyfully serving as worship leader, speaker, children’s ministry and in other leadership positions in her home camp, Adirondack CFO, other CFO camps in the northeast and also on the ACR. She is a...see full profile

Woodworth, Bess

I have been attending CFO Camps since 1988. I began at Alliance CfO in Northern California. I brought my daughter to her first camps there when she was less than a year old. I went on the become a part...see full profile


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