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Consolazione, Laura

I first attended CFO as a child and due to Frank Laubach's teachings read the New Testament in its entirety! CFI profoundly changed my life. I next found CFO in California where I got a Masters of Theology. Most recently...see full profile

Cooper, Barbara

I am an active council ring member of Black Hills CFO camp. This has been my home camp for over 20 years. In addition to this camp, I have been to other cfo camps across the United States and internationally...see full profile

Cooper, Bethany

Bethany Cooper grew up in rural, western Nebraska as the youngest of five kids. She, following her family's footsteps, took an active role in the community from early on, participating in numerous extracurricular activities such as band, speech, sports, and...see full profile

Cooper, Brett

Brett lives with his wife Stephanie in rural western Nebraska, where he grew up in a wonderful family of seven. He's a web developer by profession, and a musician and artist at heart. Themes of creativity and community run strongly...see full profile

Cooper, Brittany

Growing up and into CFO, Brittany Cooper has found a place to serve, be stretched, and to share whatever truths and blessings God has given to her. Brittany has a passion for youth, desiring that they would know the truth...see full profile

Cooper, Chris

Chris Cooper first came to faith in Jesus Christ in rural western Nebraska as the son of two teachers. As he grew older, he began to serve in CFO as well as various other camping, church, and para-church ministries, serving...see full profile

Cooper, Mical

Mical grew up in Northern Illinois and Western Nebraska. Her close relationships with her siblings and wonderfully large extended family spurred her on to reach out in the community early on and to share the love of Jesus. She is...see full profile

Crose, Sarah (Franklin)

Sarah Crose has a deep love for God and His people and is passionate about what God does through CFO. She has attended CFO since she was a baby and her life has been radically impacted through her involvement in...see full profile

Daniels, Andrew

My name is Andrew Daniels. I am 27 years old and currently live in Reno Nevada. I have been attending CFO camps since I was an infant and have been helping to lead camps as a ring member or in...see full profile

Daniels, Luke

I recently graduated from UC Merced with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering in May 2016. I am passionate about knowing the word of God and applying it to daily life.see full profile

Davis, Kenny

Kenny Davis grew up experiencing and singing about the love of Jesus. Following a call into ministry, Kenny received a B.A. in sociology from East Carolina University and a Masters of Divinity from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He then launched...see full profile

Davis, Kimberly

In 1973 Kim married Kenny Davis. She has been an active part of his ministry since that time as a minister's wife and serving as a children's leader, Sunday School teacher, and Women's Ministry leader in various churches where he...see full profile

DeChant, Michelle

Michelle does not think of herself as an adventurer, yet, as she has grown older, she has exercised her courage to explore and reach further in both her experiences and her faith. She believes life is a gift which won’t...see full profile

Deluna, Brenda

I have been coming to the socalcfo camp since 2004. I have served on the socalcfo council ring for 8 of those years. I have served as registrar, treasurer, assistant DIM leader, prayer group facilitator, prayer prep speaker, lamplighter, book...see full profile

Deluna, Lauren

I have been coming to the socalCFO camp since I was 10 years old in 2004. I have also served on the socalCFO council ring.see full profile

DeMuth, Annabelle

30 years cumulative teaching elementary, junior high and college. Bible Study Fellowship Children's leader and Sunday School teacher. Passion: telling children about Jesus.see full profile

Deneen, Anne

Anne Deneen is a pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, serving in a congregation. She is also a spiritual director, teacher, musician, artist, writer, wife, mother, and grandmother. Her chief interest is spiritual growth across the lifespan.see full profile

Diakiw, Nicole

I was called to do Kid's Ministry as a 18/19-year old at a kid's camp. I have been able to work in home churches and camps in Children's Ministry since 2000. I love kids and I love Jesus. I love...see full profile

Diller, Kevin

Kevin is a life-long CFOer at the Indiana camp and enjoys teaching and cheering for the Youth. He is a professor at Taylor University and enjoys traveling with his wife Gwen and their four phenomenal children.see full profile


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