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DeChant, Michelle

Michelle does not think of herself as an adventurer, yet, as she has grown older, she has exercised her courage to explore and reach further in both her experiences and her faith. She believes life is a gift which won’t...see full profile

Deluna, Brenda

I have been coming to the socalcfo camp since 2004. I have served on the socalcfo council ring for 8 of those years. I have served as registrar, treasurer, assistant DIM leader, prayer group facilitator, prayer prep speaker, lamplighter, book...see full profile

Deluna, Lauren

I have been coming to the socalCFO camp since I was 10 years old in 2004. I have also served on the socalCFO council ring.see full profile

DeMuth, Annabelle

30 years cumulative teaching elementary, junior high and college. Bible Study Fellowship Children's leader and Sunday School teacher. Passion: telling children about Jesus.see full profile

Deneen, Anne

Anne Deneen is a pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, serving in a congregation. She is also a spiritual director, teacher, musician, artist, writer, wife, mother, and grandmother. Her chief interest is spiritual growth across the lifespan.see full profile

Devericks, Jessica

Jessica has been attending CFO with her family since she was young. She has served in multiple areas of the CFO program including worship, youth, children, and council ring member. Jessica currently resides in Oklahoma and works as an Occupational...see full profile

Diakiw, Nicole

I was called to do Kid's Ministry as a 18/19-year old at a kid's camp. I have been able to work in home churches and camps in Children's Ministry since 2000. I love kids and I love Jesus. I love...see full profile

Diegel, Lydia

Hello! My name is Lydia Diegel and I am 20 years old. I am currently a junior at the University of Mobile double majoring in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. I have attended multiple CFO camps over the years. I...see full profile

Diller, Kevin

Kevin is a life-long CFOer at the Indiana camp and enjoys teaching and cheering for the Youth. He is a professor at Taylor University and enjoys traveling with his wife Gwen and their four phenomenal children.see full profile

Diller, Naomi

Naomi Diller is a life-long Indiana CFO camper and a graduate of Eastbook Highschool in Upland, Indiana. She is a faithful participant and worship leader at College Wesleyan Church in Marion, Indiana. Naomi loves helping others and brings a smile...see full profile

Diller, Sophia

Sophia Diller is a life-long Indiana CFO participant and an Art Illustration Major at Taylor University. She is involved in all things creative including not only the visual arts but theater, music and dance. She enjoys relaxing, laughing and getting...see full profile

Dobra, David

I have been blessed by being a CFO'er since 1972, from bringing my family in the early camps to Georgia Mountains CFO Family Camp and to now at the North Florida CFO Adult Camp. It's been my pleasure to be...see full profile

Dobra, Martha (Young)

Martha Dobra has attended church most of her life, and came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ in her teens and was baptized in the Holy Spirit in the early 1970’s. She began attending CFO in 1984, and has...see full profile

Done, Elizabeth

Hello! I have been involved with Camps Farthest Out since I was eight. Attending Montana camp as well as retreats through out my CFO experience. I have been blessed to lead several years of creatives. From time to time, I...see full profile

Dooley, Joel

Ministering to Muslims at home in Victoria, B.C., Canada. As a Pastor I travel and listen to people's stories giving the love of Jesus to people wherever they are at in their culture. Love music and the wonder of worshiping...see full profile

Douglas Kellogg

The Lord drew my heart to Him at a very young age and began giving me His desires without delay. My mom tells me that I was two years old when I started following her around the house asking her...see full profile

Dunlap, Cathy

Cathy Dunlap grew up in a Christian home where she came to know Jesus as her personal Savior at age 9. CFO became a part of her life as a small child and has played an important role in the...see full profile

Durrance, Tom

Tom Durrance is an Elder in the Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church. He has been serving as a pastor for over 15 years. He was introduced to CFO as a child while going with his father Al Durrance...see full profile

Eastman, Jim

Jim grew up in rural western Nebraska in a Christian household, and he came to Christ early in his life because of it. Through experiencing significant loss, Jim came to rely upon the kindness and grace of his heavenly father...see full profile

Elgeti, James

James and Judy share a heart for discipling others and helping others find who God made each to be. They met in New Zealand in Sept 2014 working for Youth With A Mission. They soon fell in love and are...see full profile

Fahey, Jennifer

Jen Fahey was introduced to CFO in 2008 and is living proof that even a staunch introvert can learn to love hugs and Devotion in Motion exercises. Now she’s excited to share some of the myriad ways God has used...see full profile

Ferrier, Kristin

Tracy and Kristen Ferrier are delighted to be returning to AL CFO for the sixth year in a row as our Children's Program Leaders! They currently reside in Pelham, AL with their two younger boys Jesse (13) and James (7);...see full profile

Ferrier, Tracy

Tracy and Kristen Ferrier are delighted to be returning to AL CFO for the sixth year in a row as our Children's Program Leaders! They currently reside in Pelham, AL with their two younger boys Jesse (13) and James (7);...see full profile

Fick, Charles

Charles grew up in a wonderful Christian home in Ithaca, NY, and has loved CFO as long as he can remember. He received youth leadership training from Col. Bo Bottomly in 2001 and has been involved in youth leadership ever...see full profile

Fick, Gary

Gary is a retired professor from Cornell University where he worked with forage crops and sustainable agriculture. He was raised on a Nebraska cattle ranch and attended his first CFO in California in 1967 when he was a graduate student...see full profile

Fick, Mae Ellen

CFO has been an important part of my life since I was 4 years old. I attended with my family annually. I learned listening prayer at 6 years old in our parents daily worship time with me and my brothers...see full profile


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