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Florey, Cate

Cate has been an active part of CFO since 2001. Cate loves children and their eagerness to learn and grow in relationship with Jesus. Cate has answered God's personal call for her as a CFO Children's Leader since 2003, serving...see full profile

Florey, Glenn

Glenn Florey has been a CFOer for over two decades and has grown from participating as a single adult through dating, marriage, and parenthood to his now high school age daughters. He has served on council rings many times and...see full profile

Forest Li

Hello! My name is Forest Li. I am married to Melody who also serves on the CFO Vanisle Council Ring. Our lovely daughter Elaina is 2.5 years old. I am a CPA and Certified Kingdom Advisor® in Canada. I am...see full profile

French, Dick

Dick French has served in pastoral ministry for over 40 years. He has traveled extensively to many parts of the country leading retreats and seminars for marriage and family renewal. He and his wife, Judy, currently operate M.O.R.E. Family Ministry...see full profile

French, Judy

Judy French brings the ministry of healing to the heart of the home through the powerful and wonderful Word of God. She believes that Jesus is the answer for every need and knows He's still fulfilling the challenges of Luke...see full profile

Fullmer, James

Baptized as an infant at st Lawrence church in New Jersey in 1949 attended Catholic school from 1st grade thru high school Bachelor of Science in physics from Drexel U active in the (Cardinal) Newman Club Doctor of Philosophy in...see full profile

Furniss, George

George Furniss met Glenn Clark and Frank Laubach when he was in high school and has been involved in CFO and CFOI ever since. His CFO experience of prayer, healing, and Kingdom Living was central to his long career as...see full profile

Gadsden, Roger

I have been a Christian since High School. I was involved with the Navigators while in the Navy. I graduated from Barclay College in Haviland, Kansas in 1981. I pastored a Friends Church in Grinnell, Iowa, the Oak Grove Friends...see full profile

Galiley, Shimon

Shimon Galiley grew up going to Silver Bay CFO in upstate NY. He currently lives in Southern California, and is still strongly involved with CFO.see full profile

Galiley, Steve

Rev. Stephen Galiley is a 4th generation Jewish believer in Jesus. In 1989 he earned a M.Div. from Fuller Theological Seminary and has been leading messianic congregations ever since. Currently he is rabbi of Beit Shalom, a Messianic Jewish congregation...see full profile

Garvis, Patricia (Trish)

Trish excepted Christ at age 15 while on a youth group retreat, for a church that was not her own, at the invitation of a neighbor she did not know well. Looking back, it is clear that that was a...see full profile

Geary, Cameron

I live in Crawford, Nebraska and go to Crawford High School. I am currently working at the school since school is out for the summer. I am starting a Bible study with a few kids in town. My calling is...see full profile

Geary, Erika

My name is Erika Geary. I am from Scottsbluff, Nebraska and am currently attending Chadron State College in Nebraska. Bright colors, exuberance, cows, and music are just a few words that my friends use to describe me. I have been...see full profile

Geary, Leesha

My name is Leesha Geary. I am going to be fifteen in two months. I love to ride horses; I barrel race. Two years ago I got my first horse named Skittles. I still have her today, but am probably...see full profile

Geddings, Brian

Over the last 20 years, Brian has done drama with puppets and skits on mission trips and in children's church. Introduced to these art mediums while on a mission trip in Africa, Brian was amazed how powerful and fun these...see full profile

Gilbert, Camlet

I am physically a mom of four lovely children and spiritually a mom to many more. I love teaching children about our great and awesome God and do so every chance I can. I grew up in a Christian home...see full profile

Gompert, Elizabeth

Elizabeth has been a joyful member of CFO since 1999. The healing and grace she experienced through the Lord and his people changed her life forever. She and her husband Joel, whom she met through CFO, live in Los Angeles,...see full profile

Gosse, Paul

Work - Since March of 2016, Paul Gosse has been the Executive Director of the Silver Lake Wesleyan Camp located 32 kilometers southwest of Perth Ontario. While a part of Paul’s role in his first year at the camp was...see full profile

Grady, Narola

Narola (better known as Rolie) Grady lives in Davenport, Iowa with her husband, Mike. Their son, Sean, lives in North Carolina. Narola has embraced CFO programs since 1999. Kingdom living is the reason. She has worn many hats including Council...see full profile

Grassl, Charlie

Charlie Grassl has been active in CFO since 1971. As an electrical engineer for Westinghouse, Texas Instruments, and Raytheon, he traveled extensively in the conduct of worldwide business for these corporations, then retired in 2000. His life in business and...see full profile


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