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Kennedy, Donna

Donna lives on a ranch in northeast Wyoming, with her husband Kelvin of 41 years! She's the mother of four homegrown kids and a grandma of 11. She has several books published, one of which is called 7-Up's and is...see full profile

Khanchalian, Timothy

Living in a Christian household all of my life thus far, I find that for me, the most difficult battles of working out my faith have come in my later years. These battles tend to be battles for the finding...see full profile

Klinect, Paul

I've been a part of CFO for over twenty years and have raised eleven children with CFO being a vibrant part of their loves. I've been in charge of kids programs at Georgia Mountains & Golden Isles camps for seven...see full profile

Konjer, Robin

I was born in Germany and I am a 1st generation Christian in my family. I have been following Christ since 2008 and have served the kingdom in my local church as a board member and speaker. I have lead...see full profile

Kooiman, Destiney

Born and raised in the Shrine Mont CFO camp, I have been irrevocably shaped by the power of the God's Spirit working through the beautiful people that gather every year for camp. Growing up, my church home was a non-denominational,...see full profile

Kreie, Betty

Having been asked many times to come to a cfo got my friend to go with me to just check it out for a weekend so in 20o4 went to Acadia ..That's all it took..I experienced the REAL presence of...see full profile

Kubanek, Gordon

I am a third order Franciscan of the Anglican Church who is also a writer, beekeeper and board member for the Club of Rome in Canada - an environmental think tank. I write childrens' books about nature, adult books about...see full profile

Labate, Geneva

Geneva accepted Christ as a teenager and was baptized, discipled at church and through Campus Crusdade for Christ. She earned an RN and BSN at Biola University, where she also met her husband, David. In the first 5 years of...see full profile

Lavenuta, David

David's life was transformed at his home camp, Southern California CFO while attending for the first time in June 2003. He had an amazing experience with God and felt the sense of belonging and family going through the High School...see full profile

Leach, Matt

Matt Leach has been active in CFO since a teenager. CFO has had a profound impact on his life. It was there he first experienced God’s love and power to heal, to restore, and to empower, to “unmess our messes...see full profile

Li, Melody

Melody lives in BC with her husband Forest and daughter Elaina. In addition to caring for her family, she enjoys writing blogs and poetry and is currently teaching sex Ed to high school students in partnership with the Vancouver Crisis...see full profile

Lomax, Valerie

I am a child of God, married my best friend(Tom Lomax) 36 years ago. I love being with my family. My favorite things to do are dance, cook and bake, learn from children and be with Jesus. Our family was...see full profile

Love, Don

My wife Jen and I have been at Liberty since the second half of the 90’s. In undergrad, I majored in Biblical Studies and Youth Ministry while Jen majored in Secondary Education. We have been married for 17 years and...see full profile


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