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Li, Melody

Melody lives in BC with her husband Forest and daughter Elaina. In addition to caring for her family, she enjoys writing blogs and poetry and is currently teaching sex Ed to high school students in partnership with the Vancouver Crisis...see full profile

Lomax, Valerie

I am a child of God, married my best friend(Tom Lomax) 36 years ago. I love being with my family. My favorite things to do are dance, cook and bake, learn from children and be with Jesus. Our family was...see full profile

Love, Don

My wife Jen and I have been at Liberty since the second half of the 90’s. In undergrad, I majored in Biblical Studies and Youth Ministry while Jen majored in Secondary Education. We have been married for 17 years and...see full profile

Lownds, Jon

Retired clergy, I have been involved in Acadia CFO since 1982 and North Florida CFO since 2009. As a member of council ring at both camps, I have filled almost all positions at one time or other, but currently am...see full profile

Macias, Brittany (Cooper)

Growing up and into CFO, Brittany (Cooper) Macias has found a place to serve, be stretched, and to share whatever truths and blessings God has given to her. Brittany has a passion for youth, desiring that they would know the...see full profile

Marinello, Len

After inheriting Glenn Clark books at a dark time in his life, Len went looking for CFO, which he quickly found and embraced. A coach by profession, Len’s Bible is his Playbook, and he’ll tell you that you have to...see full profile

Marler, Carissa

Influenced by her family of seven from western Nebraska, Carissa grew up knowing God sacrificed His Son to save her, and that He is with her, hears her, and holds her. Now as an adult, Carissa is discovering her Lord...see full profile

Marrale, LeAnn

LeAnn Pearson Marrale Executive Business and Personal Life Coach, Itinerant Speaker Coaching | Strategist | Consulting LeAnn offers over 25 years of vast experience in the non-profit sector and corporate business. Known for being an articulate passionate communicator, LeAnn...see full profile

Mattison, Jan

Jan has been blessing others for 44 years with her involvement with Montana CFO. Jan will share the history of MT CFO and Flathead Lake, stories about past leaders and her personal memories while attending camp. Jan encourages you to...see full profile

Maxwell, Glenellen

I became a Christian during an interview with Campus Crusade for Christ as a freshman at USC more than fifty years ago. I had been seeking the meaning of life and I found it in Jesus, not in things. I...see full profile

McCormick, Celeste

Celeste (Allen) McCormick had been attending CFO since her teens, and always loves the music and fellowship. She graduated with a music degree from Houghton College, and God has led her through a variety of job opportunities. Presently, Celeste works...see full profile

McCullough, Alex

Alex McCullough, is a retired bishop in the Evangelical Apostolic Church of North America and former pastor of Congregation of the Messiah, Eastchester, NY. He taught public school band for 26 years and has performed professionally with many popular dance...see full profile


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