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Marrale, LeAnn

LeAnn Pearson Marrale Executive Business and Personal Life Coach, Itinerant Speaker Coaching | Strategist | Consulting LeAnn offers over 25 years of vast experience in the non-profit sector and corporate business. Known for being an articulate passionate communicator, LeAnn...see full profile

Mattison, Jan

Jan has been blessing others for 44 years with her involvement with Montana CFO. Jan will share the history of MT CFO and Flathead Lake, stories about past leaders and her personal memories while attending camp. Jan encourages you to...see full profile

Maxwell, Glenellen

I became a Christian during an interview with Campus Crusade for Christ as a freshman at USC more than fifty years ago. I had been seeking the meaning of life and I found it in Jesus, not in things. I...see full profile

McCullough, Alex

Alex McCullough, is a retired bishop in the Evangelical Apostolic Church of North America and former pastor of Congregation of the Messiah, Eastchester, NY. He taught public school band for 26 years and has performed professionally with many popular dance...see full profile

Meadows, Aaron

Aaron Meadows has been a participant in Camps Farthest Out since he was an infant in 1976. He has been a Youth Leader multiple times at Indiana CFO, served as a youth and college minister in many churches, and has...see full profile

Mennell, Zach

I grew up in Southern California attending Trinity Lutheran Hemet. I actually ended up meeting the Lord at CFO in 2010 when I was invited to go to this camp by a family at the church. I had no idea...see full profile

Meyer, Ron

As a speaking leader for CFO, Ron shares about his ongoing love relationship and fellowship with Jesus. God has used the many experiences of hardships and trials in his life to empower those who have similar experiences. Speaking with words...see full profile

Meyer, Tracy

Tracy Meyer began as a Worship Team member at The Worship Center Assembly of God Church located in Leesburg, Virginia in 1992. Through the years, she has led worship at her home church in Leesburg, and when she and her...see full profile

Meyncke, Margaret

I LOVE CFO. It has been a spiritual lifeline for me as I grew up and raised my family. My mother invited me to attend my first camp in 1991 with my first two children and we attended camps together...see full profile

Mihailoff, Ruth

My name is Ruth Mihailoff. I live in the Okanagan, - in the beautiful Province of British Columbia. I live with my husband, teenage son, and pets. I love Jesus with all my heart. ❤ I love to sing to...see full profile

Miller, Carolyn

Carolyn Miller has been leading Devotion in Motion since 1982. She strongly believes Glenn Clark’s vision from God of the total CFO format must be kept alive. Her rhythms, directed with simplicity, reveal a freshness from the Holy Spirit; and...see full profile

Miller, Craig

For over thirty-nine years, Craig has been ministering and counseling in church, medical, and mental health settings. He is a licensed Christian therapist, Lay Minister, and co-founder of Masterpeace Counseling in Tecumseh, MI. Experiencing his own miraculous physical healing has...see full profile

Miserocchi, Kate

I first came to know about CFO through friends at church, just a few years after committing my life to Jesus. I attended with my husband and young children the Adirondack camp at Silver Bay in upstate New York about...see full profile

Monroe, Sheryl

Sheryl has been active in all levels of CFO for 42 years. She holds close to her heart the tenets of Glenn Clark and strives to live them on a daily basis. She is the mother of 3 children who...see full profile

Morales, Victor

I'm a man who believes in the radical love of God. I know him, I read his word, and I see his kingdom on this earth whenever a child of God walks in faith. I wasn't raised in the best...see full profile

Morgan, Frank

Some people can think back to a time in their childhood when they accepted Jesus, prayed the Sinner's Prayer, and began on the path of being a Christian. Still others can recount an experience if receiving the Holy Ghost at...see full profile


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