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Runyan, Lana

I have been attending CFO camps since 1978. I have served in many of the leadership positions at least once, with a concentration in music, rhythms, and creatives. I have served on council rings as well, in several capacities not...see full profile

Salguero, Dr. Gabriel

Associate pastor of Calvario City Church, in Orlando. Gabriel is known nationally for his work in the areas of leadership development, public policy and racial reconciliation. He has also served as an adviser to the White House on issues of...see full profile

Schrolucke, Rex

REX SCHROLUCKE has been involved with CFO since 1973, serving on the Ohio Council Ring, and as representative on the Advisory Council Ring both for Zone 3 and for COL. From a dramatic conversion to Jesus Christ at the age...see full profile

Schrolucke, Suzy

Suzy Schrolucke, a CFOer for over 40 years, still enjoys each opportunity to be a camper, knowing that God will meet her there in some aspect of the program. In rhythms, she creatively uses song and scripture for encounters with...see full profile

Secor, Judy

Rev. Judy Secor, RN, BS, M. Div. Fuller Theological Seminary, 1992, is a retired, born again, Holy Spirit filled keynote speaker, author, trainer, and group coach whose style is warm, lively, sensitive, optionally interactive, fun and inspiring. She reveals brilliant...see full profile

Sheffield, Jack and Anna Marie

The Rev. Dr. Jack and Anna Marie Sheffield both experienced a life-changing rebirth into Christ Jesus and His kingdom, and the in-filling of the Holy Spirit in 1973. Together in ministry, they continue to witness healings and miracles by God's...see full profile

Simmons, Julie

I have attended CFO since the early 60's at various times in addition to leading children for over 20 years at CFO Camps from CA to Rhode Island in the past. I have been on several Council Rings in the...see full profile

Sizemore, Rick

A country boy from Okeechobee Florida, Rick's life was grabbed and changed forever by the Lord as He led him into teaching and sharing the heart of the Father. Rick earned a degree in Finance and joined his father in...see full profile

Smalt, Ruth

Ruth Smalt (Rev. Dr.) has been involved in CFO since her teenage years, and happily raised her three daughters, Robin, Lindy, and Molly, in CFO, where they are in leadership themselves. A rostered leader in Speaking, Rhythms and Youth, Ruth...see full profile

Smith, Linda

I was born and raised in Kansas and in church from my earliest memories. I am a widow and have three children and 9 grandchildren. God has proved Himself faithful over and over again in our lives. I am presently...see full profile

Sommer, Linda

Linda Sommer is an author and speaker. She has been active in CFO since 1980, and has served on many CFO counsel rings in Georgia. Linda has also served as a CFO speaking leader throughout the South. Her trilogy of...see full profile

Stanfield, Burns

Burns Stanfield was ordained in 1991 as a minister in the Presbyterian Church to pastor a congregation in a low-income neighborhood of South Boston. While this church was once near closing, it has since grown substantially and is now a...see full profile

Stauffer, Moye

Moye attended her first CFO with her parents Wayne and Ruth in 1975. The camps became an integral part of her childhood and teens. She studied nursing at Messiah College, site of her first CFO. She works as a Pediatric...see full profile

Steele, Jenny (Franklin)

Jenny Franklin Steele has a passion for Jesus and wants to share His good news with a world in need. She grew up in a Christian home and CFO has played a crucial role in her life helping her to...see full profile


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