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Grace Hournbuckle Walker, is a retired nurse practitioner and a current author. Her recently published book, Now I Can Think Myself to Mars, a Son’s Final Goodbye, A Mother’s Journal of Renewal, received a Five Star Review from Pacific Book Review. This book highlights her final conversation with her eight-year-old son in which he shared his joyful hope and anticipation of his future in heaven with Jesus. It also retraces Walker’s journey of loss and renewal with inspirational writings bridging the gap between that inspiring conversation with her son and the following twenty-five years. Walker is retired after thirty-four years in practice as a nurse practitioner, certified in both family practice and in family psychiatric and mental health practice. She has a BSN from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, an MSN from the Medical College of Georgia and a post-graduate certificate in nursing from the University of Cincinnati. During her last twelve years of practice, she specialized in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Concurrently, the author served on the faculty of the University of Cincinnati in both family and psychiatric nurse practitioner programs during her last twenty years of practice. Widowed, she moved back to her home state of New Mexico for three years, after having lived for thirty-five years with her husband and family in Cincinnati, OH. Currently she resides back in Cincinnati.

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