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Narola (better known as Rolie) Grady lives in Davenport, Iowa with her husband, Mike. Their son, Sean, lives in North Carolina. Narola has embraced CFO programs since 1999. Kingdom living is the reason. She has worn many hats including Council Ring member, pianist, prayer hostess, Creatives leader, speaker, and clean-up person. Her current role is being the Zone 2 Delegate for the Midwest camps. God began a major work in Narola's life in 1990 after the death of her first son, Kyle. Pain drove her to prayer. In 2005, she survived a head-on car collision. After recuperation, Narola received word that her mother was killed in a car accident. This happened five days before Narola attended the CFO International Conference in Kenya. Jesus' healing love has sustained her in life's challenges. She now shares her passion to see others deeply connect with God. Humor and personal stories help convey Jesus to her audiences.

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Council Ring
Morning Meditations
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