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Annual Report

The CFO Program

The CFO program is unique in its approach - and ebb and flow, or breathing out and taking in, not one without the other. It is a day filled with prayer, fellowship, worship, and fosters a love-saturated community where attendees can grow in intimacy with Jesus Christ. To find out more about the CFO program and catch a glimpse of each unique aspect of the day, visit our CFO Program page!


CFO is an amazing opportunity to experience the love of God, to find rest, and to be stretched and grow spiritually. Want to hear how God continues to use CFO to impact lives? Check out the Testimonials webpage for first-hand sharing of what God is doing for others through CFO!

Mission & Vision

Today, CFO exists to provide a Christ-centered, Holy Spirit led program through which people can discover the Kingdom of God in the midst of today's world. To find out more about our mission and vision for the future, as well as our core values and beliefs, visit our Mission and Vision page!


Inspired by the Holy Spirit, Glenn Clark founded CFO in 1930. To learn more about the history of our organization, visit our History

Affiliated Organizations

There are organizations that support CFO in a myriad of ways. We'd be remiss if we didn't pass along their benefits to you, so check them out on our Affiliated Organizations page!

Have questions?

Got questions about CFO? The program? CFO Event locations? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page for more detailed answers to all your questions!

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