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About Camps and Retreats

Are children welcome at CFO camps and retreats?
Although most of our events welcome and provide programs for children of all ages, there are a few events that are only for adults. See the individual event descriptions for details. You can read more about our children’s program on our CFO Program webpage.
What is a typical CFO day like?
The CFO day is built on the belief that just as we breathe in and breathe out each day, our relationship with God should also be a time of taking in and giving out. Therefore, the CFO day includes a mixture of creative listening (taking in) and opportunities for joyful expression (expressing outward what we are taking in). From prayer groups to free time with your family, each day offers you the chance to stretch and exercise your faith in new and refreshing ways. Check out our CFO Program page for a more detailed breakdown of the CFO day.
How long is a typical CFO Event?
CFO Events can run from a one day event, a weekend, and up to 6 days.
Will this be a rugged outdoor experience? - No!

CFOs are held in all types of facilities--from very modern motel style rooms, to quaint inns, to rustic cabins, to bringing your own camping gear.  Many facilities have provisions for those who want to "camp" instead of staying in the housing provided.  All of the facilities are in areas of scenic beauty which allow for time to hike, and participate in outdoor recreational activities. 

The CFO programs are, for the most part , in heated/air-conditioned modern handicapped accessible buildings. Check with the particular CFO which interests you for specific lodging information.

Can I attend only part of a CFO event? - Yes!
We hope you will choose to attend the event in its entirety so you get the full benefit of CFO in terms of fellowship and kingdom living. We have seen God work when people drop in for only a few hours so come for as long as you’re able! Please contact the event Registrar for part-time rates.
Can I attend without a family? - Yes!
CFO is for everyone. It is intergenerational, so there is a place and program for all ages. Many of our attendees are singles, widowed, or come without their family for other reasons. However, children under age 18 MUST have an adult sponsor in attendance if their parent or legal guardian is not there for the entirety of the event. You can download the required Medical Release Form and Photo/Video Release Form for your child on our Attendee Resources Info webpage.
Do CFO events meet year round? - Yes!
Most CFO events are held during the summer months, but check out our CFO Location Map & Information page for events that meet at other times of the year.
How do CFO events relate to the local church?
We do not intend to compete with or replace your local church. Although we are a training ground that purposes to strengthen the local church and Christian ministries, our focus is your individual and personal walk with God. Find out more about our Mission, Vision, and Core Beliefs on our About CFO webpage.
How will attending a CFO event benefit my family?
CFO provides an environment where you and your family can relax and focus on your relationship with Jesus Christ. Through this time apart with God and your family, you will find that your family relationship is also enriched and strengthened. Additionally, CFO is inter-generational. We believe there is great value in the interaction of older and younger generations. All generations contribute wisdom and knowledge that greatly enhances our spiritual and inter-personal growth. Find out more about why we are structured the way we are on our About CFO webpage or check out Testimonials of those who have attended our CFO events!

About the CFO Organization

What is CFO?
CFO is a non-profit interdenominational organization. Its sole purpose is to provide an environment in which Christians can spend time in worship, prayer and fellowship to strengthen their faith. With over 75 events held annually throughout North America, CFO offers you a unique opportunity to experience Kingdom Living and the Body of Christ in its fullness. Find out more about what CFO is by reading through our About CFO webpage.
Is CFO international in scope? - Yes!
While Association of Camps Farthest Out (ACFO) is chartered to minister to North America, we are affiliated with our sister organization CFO International (CFOI) which has an international reach, offering CFO events in over 35 countries across the world. Check out our CFOI webpage or the CFOI website for more information.
Does CFO align itself to any denomination? - No!
That is part of the beauty of CFO! It’s likely that you will meet Christians from a wide variety of heritages at a CFO event. Furthermore, CFO is not a church and is not intended to replace the role of the church. All attendees are urged to faithfulness in the church of their choice. The CFO experience simply expands and intensifies the effectiveness of one's own church activity.
Is CFO evangelical?
You will find a lot of evangelicals attend our events, however, we do not label CFO as a whole with such labels in order to minister to the broadest possible spectrum of the faith community. Find out more by reading through our Mission, Vision, and Core Beliefs.
Is CFO charismatic?
You will find many people with charismatic experience who attend our events, however, we do not label CFO as a whole with such labels in order to minister to the broadest possible spectrum of the faith community. Find out more by reading through our Mission, Vision, and Core Beliefs.
Is CFO New Age/New Thought? - No!
Our Statement of Faith is clear - we do not embrace a diversity that in any way compromises the historical and biblical Jesus and/or His Gospel. Please see our Core Values & Beliefs for a more detailed description of what we believe.
What does CFO believe about the Bible?
We believe the Bible is God’s inspired Word to us and carries the full weight of His authority! Please see our Core Values and Beliefs for a more detailed description of what we believe.
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