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Growing up in a Christian home and in CFO, Jenni was fully aware of God’s love, forgiveness, faithfulness, and caring. Through some bad choices in her teen and early adult life, God showed her how just, righteous, and jealous he is, and yet how he will carry his children through the most difficult of times. Today, as a Wife, Mother, Speaker, Worship Leader, Pastor, Weight Watchers Leader, and ACFO Financial Director God gives Jenni ample opportunity to respond to his love by giving back to the kingdom and showing others how much God loves them. Each day, God patiently shows Jenni again and again who He is, and that He desires to be a part of every part of her life. As a CFO Song Leader, Rhythms leader, and Speaker Jenni strives to show how the Kingdom of God can be found in all areas of our lives even in the midst of today’s world. God wants to hear our praises, no matter how feeble they may seem. God wants to be part of our lives, no matter how crazy they may seem. God waits with great joy and expectancy, for His children to come to Him.

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Devotion in Motion
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