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Kathy Axton is very grateful for a Christian upbringing, and a faithful God who showed her that she was “lukewarm.”  When she discovered His warning to be either hot or cold (Rev. 3: 15-16), she chose the warmth and heat of God’s love. Kathy's first CFO was in 1980 in Colorado.  She appreciates the non-denominational, joyful, alive, family camping for all ages.  From the beginning she loved Rhythms.  She feels it's a God-given interest, desire, and ability to lead this aspect of the CFO program. Leading campers in joyful exercise, movement, and worship is very fulfilling. Kathy says that she believes “CFO is a wonderful camping experience that combines the beauty of nature, Christian fellowship, challenge, and spiritual refreshment all in one package.” Kathy is very spontaneous. Her availability to serve as a rhythms leader has greatly expanded as she no longer has care-giving responsibilities at home.

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Devotion in Motion
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