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Will you be 18 or older by the start of the event?
Minors must be accompanied by a parent, guardian, or sponsor to camp.
What grade are you going into next?
This is my first time attending a CFO.
Attendance Category
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Release forms
A minor attending an event must have a parent or guardian present at all times. If a minor is attending without a parent or guardian, a medical release form must be brought to the event. The medical release form can be found under the Resources -> For Campers section of the website.

Photo/Video Release

During the event, photos and videos may be taken to use in printed publications or on the ACFO website. We need a parent or guardian's permission to publish photos and videos of any minor. If you are a minor or are registering a minor please have the applicable parent or guardian read the following agreement and check the box below if they agree:

I hereby authorize the Association of Camps Farthest Out to publish photographs and videos taken of the above minor child, and their name, for use in the Association of Camps Farthest Out’s printed publications and website.

I release the Association of Camps Farthest Out from any expectation of confidentiality for the above minor child and attest that I am the parent or legal guardian of the above child and that I have the authority to authorize the Association of Camps Farthest Out to use their photograph, video, and name.

I acknowledge that since participation in publications and website produced by the Association of Camps Farthest Out confers no rights of ownership whatsoever. I release the Association of Camps Farthest Out, its contractors and its employees from liability for any claims by me or any third party in connection with the participation of the above minor child.

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